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What is the Kamiak Feeder program?

The Mukilteo Knights Select Basketball Program was formed to prepare young, aspiring, boys’ and girls’ basketball players for high school level play, and prepare players who plan to attend Kamiak High School. It is designed for boys and girls who are looking to receive more training, play more games and play at a higher competition level.


What is a "feeder" program?
Feeder programs limit participation to players that will attend a specific high school, so the Knights Basketball Club teams are for players who live in the Kamiak High School attendance area.


How does this differ from an "AAU" program?
The biggest difference is that AAU programs have no geographic limits on where they source their players. Knights is a high school feeder program, focusing on developing players to play at Kamiak High School.  We provide a highly competitive basketball experience and preparation for high school basketball. In addition, AAU teams typically play in the spring/summer.


How does this differ from a recreational program like YMCA or Boys & Girls Club? 
Recreational programs typically do not have tryouts and tend to offer fewer practices, trainings and games with varying levels of coaching. Recreational programs will have a lower level of competition.  The great news is we partner with both of those programs to provide basketball camps, trainings and basketball teams for all levels of players in Mukilteo!


Who is eligible to play?
Boys and Girls in grades 4th - 8th that attend schools in the Mukilteo school district.


What teams do you offer?

Boys’ grades 4-8.

Girls grades 5-8.


When are tryouts?

Tryouts for the boy’s program will be the week of September 23.

Tryouts for the girl’s program will be the week of September 30.


What do I need to do to have my child be eligible for tryouts?


You need to register your child through the Kamiak Feeder program website.

In addition, 1 guardian shall come to tryouts and sign a waiver above.

Do you allow parents to coach? Who are the coaches?
Our priority is to find quality coaches that can coach the game and be positive role models. If a person fits those qualifications and happens to be a parent, we are open to having them coach. You will meet your grade level coach at tryouts. We are always looking for people that are interested in coaching, please let us know!

How many players will be on the team? 

Rosters typically have 8-11 players.


How will the team be determined?

During assessments we fit players with the correct level of competition and team, players will have the opportunity to demonstrate their skill with ball handling, shooting, passing, listening, teamwork, leadership, fitness, speed/agility, and basketball game play. We also consider team makeup and player fit with the team and organization.  Multiple assessors will evaluator during tryouts and decisions will be based off a collaborative effort between all the assessors.

How much does it cost?

$600 player fee for 2023. Player fees includes at least 2 tournaments, Knights program shooting shirt and a hoodie and covers all of the program costs: gym rentals, league fees, referee costs, equipment and administrative fees.


In addition to the player fee, there is a uniform cost for the team.  In 2023 we plan on new uniforms and all players will need to purchase a uniform. The uniform fee covers a jersey and pair of shorts. 


First payment (1/2) is due on October 15. The remaining balance is due November 15.


Are players guaranteed playing time? Is playing time equal?
Playing time is earned based on each player's effort, attention, commitment, and ability displayed in practice and in games. Players with the best ability to combine these skills will receive the greatest amount of playing time. Playing time is at the discretion of the coach.

Can my 2nd or 3rd grader play for the 4th grade team? Do you allow players to “play up”?

A 2nd or 3rd grader can play for the 4th grade boys’ team since there isn’t a team at those grade levels. A 3rd or 4th grader can play for the 5th grade girls’ team since there isn’t a team at those grade levels.

Once players reach grade 4 (boys) and grade 5 (girls) they will play with their grade level. Since this is a feeder program, it is important to foster the development of each grade level group of players.   


When is the season? Where do you practice? How many games do you play?
The season runs from October through March. Teams will practice twice a week, play in leagues and tournaments. Each team will play roughly 30 games against other feeder and AAU teams. The season concludes with the state tournament in Spokane, for qualifying teams. Travel is a possibility and would be an additional cost.

Who do I contact if I have additional questions?

Please send an email to

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