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Feeder Program Info

The Mukilteo Knights Boys Basketball Program was formed to prepare young, aspiring, boys basketball players for high school level play, and in particular, prepare players who plan to attend Kamiak High School.  Tryouts for each Knights team are held annually in September with team practices beginning the first week of October. The 5th through 8th grade squads play 16 games each per year in the Wesco AAU League against other select feeder programs. In addition, teams supplement games with outside tournaments on open weekends during the Wesco AAU season. The Knights' regular season ends in late February and concludes with the annual Wesco Championship Tournament the first weekend in March.

In addition to the 5th through 8th grade squads, 2nd, 3rd and 4th grade Knights teams are formed in preparation for entry into the Wesco League once these kids reach the 5th grade. The 2nd, 3rd and 4th grade teams will normally play in local youth leagues as well as supplement games with any available tournaments or scrimmage games with other Wesco 2nd, 3rd and 4th grade teams.


Practices for all teams are held twice a week at local gyms in the Mukilteo School District. Player costs for the 5th through 8th grade teams run $688/player for the season (includes up to 4 tournaments and up to 2 leagues but does not include uniforms or AAU cards). Players normally get at least 2 years of use out of their uniforms which reduces their financial commitment during their 2nd year of participation.

Player costs for the 2nd through 4th grade teams run $548  (includes up to 4 tournaments and up to 2 leagues but does not include uniforms or AAU cards).

Knights Basketball continually strives to keep player costs to a minimum. Considering the fact that many select sports programs charge as much as $1,500 to $2,000 a year for player fees, Knights Basketball is great value for the level of competition provided.

Most of the Knights teams play in 3 to 5 outside tournaments and 2 leagues during the basketball season. The majority of these tournaments are held in the Puget Sound area, however in some cases, teams might travel to other parts of the state depending on time and cost considerations. Each tournament runs about $30 per player.

Team rosters are typically comprised of 10 players and playing time is earned, not guaranteed. Performance, commitment, effort, attitude and ability are rewarded with extra playing time. The goal of Knights Basketball is to play and develop everyone, but as a select program, there will be some variation in playing time among players.

Although space for players is limited, the Knights organization encourages ALL players to keep playing and improving their game. Players who don’t fill a spot on a Knights roster still have the opportunity to play basketball through local leagues or other select teams. Young basketball players grow and develop at different rates and at different age levels. For this very reason, Knights tryouts are held each year.

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